Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aisha Haadi becoming "TOBY" the victim

Aisha Haadi is launching her heavy artillery against those who called her bluff. has been helping people meet and openly comment/discuss about spell casters. As so many had started to breath their anger about Aisha Haadi they put the thread in top. This has seemingly caused Aisha Haadi to desperately create using a pseudonym, Toby.


Aisha Haadi (if she is even real) is mostly know as a spell caster who threatens her clients. Now that her reign of terror is coming to an end, she is desperately trying to turn the attention and blame on someone else. She even has the nerve to shit talk me. (well as the top exposer of her scam, I understand she tries to pull something desperately like that)

Aisha Haadi is wanting you to send info about her competitors. She even got her self a virtual Fax number making everyone believe she is in Ohio.

So let's look at this blog done by "toby". I just want you to see how Aisha operates.

1.Who loses money and client and reputation due to
Answer: Aisha Haadi

2.Who would gain if knowing more about her competitors?
Answer: Aisha Haadi

"Toby"'s first post was about him being "scammed" by 2 sites (of course just a lie to be able to shit talk He then ends by saying he "found" one of the sites in and then claims the forum is a scam because of that. Makes no sense at all. Then "he" goes on and gets google ads to promote "his" blog. Why would anyone want to spend money to promote a blog like that?? "toby" comments it by saying he got some free clicks from google and decided to use it now... How many free clicks did "he" get?? 10.000? Being in top in google for those keywords are very, very expensive...So that money is coming out of "toby's" pocket!

Second post in the blog: "Toby" now says he is a victim of But first he was a victim of those 2 sites and THEN found Contradictory.. A bit schizophrenic too...(at this point anyone smart knows this blog is not real)

"His" third post dated June 13 starts with: "Okay, people. I appreciate your comments about Aisha.""...." "I and many other’s were victimized by Psyforums and their fake spell casters" STOP!!! Once again "he" says he is a victim of the but "he" wasn't, as he found the forum AFTER he "supposedly" used these spell casters help. Before he ends with "Be honest, be heard." he puts some more good comments about Aisha Haadi. How about you being honest "toby", or shall I just keep writing Aisha?

Then to the post done June 15.

Here "toby" wants all who bought from her (aisha) competitors to ask for a refund at once, Why? Because She wants to ruin their business. She can not clearly take the competition and is now trying to not only ruin who exposed her, but also ruin it for all her competitors who been acknowledged as strong and powerful practitioners with good results. This is very dirty game by Aisha Haadi!

"TOBY" says in the blog: "Paypal informed me that they have been receiving tremendous amounts of charge backs." Strange because paypal don't give that information out to a third part. So "toby" can't know anything about this. Then "toby" writes "was also told by paypal that most people will get their money back because these web sites not only scammed them but they never sent their clients product, no talismans, no amulets, no herbs, no candle." The only one ever writing like this is Aisha Haadi! Look at her site. She write the same there...

Then he says "Call your credit card providers and dispute charges today. GET your money back now before they cut and run. " I say: YES, DO THIS IF YOU BOUGHT FROM AISHA HAADI!

Next is "or those that paid by Western Union, Please keep faxing us all those Western Union receipts or the Control Number and recipients name. Here is the Fax number again 419-754-2131 Attn: Toby There is a good chance that you will get your money back as well." LETS BE CLEAR: If you send with western union, then it's sent. You can never get money back from western union. Another CLEAR LIE here. And why would "toby" want your
personal data? Soon he will ask for a DNA sample.. Just like Aisha..

"Today we have received very clear proof that all the web sites mentioned on my Blog are indeed owned and operated..." Ok by who and what proof? "toby" claims much WITHOUT ANY PROOF to back it up with. Just like Aisha Haadi do on her own site

"The Members of Psyforums deserve to know the truth. You should be asking these questions and continue to pressure them into activating the private messenger function." You seem to be very interested in using the PM function, don't you? Want to promote Aisha?

"I was at www.psyforums today and I noticed that now they have dragged UK based psychic and spell caster Carmen into their wallow." Ok so "Toby" cares about this spell caster. As this spell caster seems to share the hate as Aisha it is clear there is a strong connection between and Same person behind both sites or teaming up? Well, anyone supporting Aisha Haadi is a fake or just very stupid!

So what is more in the blog? I noticed "he" listed some sites "he" claims are frauds. I don't know why but as "his" blog is about is a scam then the sites "he" write should be promoted there.. right? But I dont find half of the sites promoted there... So what is the deal about that?

Then I like to end with the links to ripoffreport that "toby" wants you to read. Most of those posts are written in June.. close to the same dates...and Yes it is Aisha who wrote them. Maybe some "real" person got desperate in the heat of the moment and wrote one or 2 comments.
But the post was originally done by Aisha Haadi. How I know? Look at what is written and the hate it's filed with, The posts attack in a way Aisha wants to ruin psyforums and all her biggest competitors. Also much of what is written is so transparently lies. Like getting information out of Western Union on how much other spell casters sell. Western union do not give out information to third parties. List goes on..

I know the spells industry is confusing sometimes with rotten eggs like Aisha Haadi involved, but don't let that stop you from seeking help from powerful and strong spell casters. Good luck and STAY AWAY FROM AISHA HAADI'S SITES AND SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME!

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