Thursday, June 14, 2007

Be scared of this woman and her promises

So lets see what Aisha is saying:

She has some sites... These are some: (german version of the above she knows German..hmm)

I hope you have time to read the below because it might get a bit long and detailed. I will try to be as short as possible.

What you are thinking now is "So Dena, what about these sites...?"

Let' start with:

If you look at the sites name it is the Name of the spell caster Aisha Haadi who is the owner of Tell me how much of the content there is, filled with positive information... NONE!

She warns, saying everyone else is bad, and she write about how bad people talk about her and how untrue it is. Well Ms.Aisha, Your REAL clients know the truth about you and I want EVERYONE OF YOU WHO BOUGHT A SPELL FROM HER TO WRITE HERE ABOUT YOUR HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH HER!

Then recently she posted an "exclusive interview" of her self... lol? I hope no one buys her crap..seriously...

Ok then let's move on to her Her main site and the center of all hatred. He she start by making people afraid of the really powerful and honest spell casters who can help you. She puts big effort into demolishing their reputation and to make visitors believe they are evil. Then after she done that she makes the visitors believe she, Aisha Haadi, is Godsend... What most of her "Victims" don't know is that she is a wolf in sheep clothes. Below is actual comments from her past clients:

"I have purchased Power Ritual Combo (PRC) service from Ms. Aisha in Feb 2005; it was supposed to be most powerful spell that is 100% custom-tailored to client’s situation, no matter what the situation may be. However, three months after the spell had been performed there was nothing happening to me, I then wrote an email to Ms. Aisha to update her with my case status. Ms. Aisha responded me back stating she would perform reinforcement spell for me within couple of days, and asked me to send her an email with the case update one month later. She also promised I would start seeing the progressive result after the reinforcement spell being cast. One mother after, however, no single result came to my side still, and then I wrote her another email to let her know what happened to my case. She soon replied me back with offering of another reinforcement spell and promised this one is going to work within one month upon the spell has been completed. Same story happened to me again, one month later no results, no nothing. By November 2005 Ms. Aisha has been performed six reinforcement spell for me but with no single result came. The only luck thing I got was all the reinforcement spells she did was free of charge prior to her new policy being implemented in December 2005 that all the reinforcement spell is charged at $50. By December 2005 while I am ready to give up the hope and her service I wrote a last email to her by letting her know the true situation of my case. Ms. Aisha replied me back with suggestion that I should purchase an Amun Ra Ritual Analysis to see if I am qualify for Amun-Ra Ritual service, and she also commented I need to purchase another spell of her service at this point. I soon realized there was something in her mind about the money because it was obvious since she knows my case more than anyone else does, and she has been working on my case for the past 12 months, so there is no reason for me to resubmit my case for her review or assessme

In order to prove my observation I paid $25 for Amun Ra Ritual Analysis. A couple days later I got her email back to inform me that I am qualified to purchase Amun-Ra Ritual service from her. She since then never mentioned anything about PRC I have purchased from her that generated no results at all. I finally gave up the hope and service from Ms. Aisha without purchasing Amun-Ra Ritual that would cost me another $665. If PRC plus six reinforcements spells never worked for me in the past 12 months, I doubt about very much that Amun-Ra Ritual will bring me any desirable results. In fact Ms. Aisha suggested me to purchase PRC in the beginning after she reviewed my case with certain degree of complications and promised me it will bring very positive result to my side. In overall I do not recommend anyone to use this site as well as Ms. Aisha’s service. Speaking of her Guestbook, do not let it fool around you. In January 2006 I have written my true situation into her Guestbook where you can enter your comments in, but it never was published to readers. The only comments you could review from her Guestbook are those manipulated ones that could help to gain more clients and draw some attractions, anything with negative truth would not be seen for sure"


"I reviewed Aisha and said that I had ordered two of her strongest spells-the PRC and the Amun-RA Ritual, as well as a reinforcement to the former, the latter supposedly being the "WMD" in the spiritual world. I had hoped that things would work out with my bf/ex. Let me tell you first that the spells did nothing. Second of all, while Aisha claims that the spells are custom-tailored, the instructions I got for how to work with the talisman were exactly the same for both spells.

Furthermore, judging from the guestbook, she dishes out the same instructions to others. Worst of all, she includes a quasi-threat in the instructions, saying that the customer should not contact her again about the spellwork, or else the energies of the spell would be destroyed. What utter nonsense. The little contact I managed to establish with my ex was all through my mundane (aka: non spiritual) efforts. All in all, bad customer service, except the first two replies you get, and no results. Furthermore, even the replies you get are copy-pasted from her website-using the exact phrases, suggesting that it does not deal with your case at all but is the same for anyone who emails her. And when I tried contacting her about my case, she replied after about 3 weeks that it was for my own good that she was not replying."

Ok quite interesting, don't you think?? She threatens her own clients "If you contact me after you paid me with your money and I have performed my spell cast, Your spell will not work!"

Btw, have you notices how much she uses the words, "real" "genuine" "authentic". IF she was good at spell casting ,then she wouldn't have had to write that out. Visitors would know that from results, not by hollow words and promises...

ok so her site also has a part saying "Success stories". You see that a bit down on the right? Why does she have to say "from actual clients"? Seems to me she don't believe anyone will think they are true so she has to try to convince visitors the testimonials are true.. Pathetic!

Ok let's check her guarantee. Here she states she don't guarantee anything (why not? Money back guarantee is a good deal or at least 50% back if the spell failes). If a spell caster has a money back guarantee, don't you think that the spell caster will try harder than Aisha who don't offer anything back or give any guarantees at all? And she writes "You will definitely receive authentic spiritual help that will bring the needed remedy to your situation, what ever it may be." WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO WRITE: "definitely receive authentic"?? There we go again with that word. She really is on about with her brainwashing and her mindgames.

And she also writes " In all candor, honesty is my best policy. " A honest spell caster don't spend hours after hours shittalking her competition. That's fact! Then she says: "I take each and every client seriously." Yeah, I noticed that from the testimonial above..

Now I am in the page called "about me". He she write "Let there be no doubt in your mind, that I am an authentic yet honest practitioner, I will do any thing in my power to make you achieve your goals, desires and needs." Brainwashing you again with the honest and authentic talk. And if you read more you will find that she claims this: "I have helped several hundreds of thousands of souls to be reunited with their loved ones, Eradicated financial hardships and introduced prosperity, love and utter joy into many souls lives... I must humbly say that I have brought miracles to reality and happiness to humanity." Ok so let's say she help one hundred thousand couples so far. And she claims she been doing this for 37 years. That would mean she cast 100.000 spells in 37 years. That is 2702 spells per year. That can be recounted to: 7 spells per day. NOT VERY LIKELY!

She has been on the run through Europe and then settles down in USA and in that time been casting 7 spells per day for 37 years. Each spell is very energydraining (imagine running 3 miles (around 5000 metres), that's how tired you feel from one cast!) So she would have used the amount of energy used to run 21 miles or 35000 metres. That's almost like a marathon per day... Do you believe in that?? I sure don't...


hope said...

Aisha is waste of time, money and very sad she plays with broken hearts...don't even go there please !!!!! SAVE YOURSELF MORE HEARTACHE...

Amy dee said...

Wow you and Aisha are having a real battle. I'm not really sure who to believe. To tell you the truth I dont think anyone should use onlie spell casters. They either need to cast on themselves ore find a caster they can meet in-person. Oh yes alittle advice for you: try to stay away from insulting the people you are trying to convince. For example: you had said anyone smart could tell Toby's blog is a fake...That might offend some people who are just trying to get a story straight.
Oh and one more thing, I am trying to be as nice as possible. I dont mean to uppset or offend anyone here but you guys (both of you and any other online caster) charge way too much for casting a spell. It makes you come off as greedy... no offense...
But look at me I am starting to ramble. So I think i will end my thought now.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerly yours,
A Practicing Witch, ~Amy

Psychic Dena said...

Hi Amy!

It's ok. I am not offended in any way. As you already know, Aisha is a manipulative person who is very skilled with words. So you really need to be smart to see that. If anyone feel offended about that (do you?) then I am sorry, but this is not a game for kids so I need to be a bit harsh now and then.

Kind regards,

Amber said...

Ah wow, yeah I have to agree with Amy dee...I have recently been looking into various online spell casting...Being a person grounded in science it was very hard for me to believe in anything...but as always, I find myself believing in spell casting when I look within. There has been too much media exposure and renditions of what spell casting and magic really is...and well I do believe in the energies what not...It's just sad that I can't find any spell casters online that had only great reviews. I really did believe in Aisha after reading her site...after all she did have several links warning about scams and whatnot. So that was indeed quite enough to convince people...
From all the sites that I've been to...she really does seem the most likely to be real...and genuine. I don't really know what to do...I was actually in the process of ordering a spell from her site and drafting the handwritten letter she required...She is only caster to have required something biological, pictures and exact names and birthdays...I am so confused. Would someone recommend an online spell caster as well as someone I can meet in real life? Sigh. It is so incredibly hard to believe in anyone's words.

nasim suka said...

Thank-god I was seriously considering this con-artist the sum of $700 plus shipping.
I had e-mailed her and she never replied to me,I knew there was something wrong and not quiet right about her.
I e-mailed her daughter mariam and she replied defending her mother saying my e-mail was not recieved.

Giossa said...

Hey !! You are so hate with Ms Aisha ..why?? I guess you're just absolutely jelous and absolutely on the side of psyforums don't you?? Well... jelousy can make people dirrty!! You sure you can really help people of giving an advice!! I have visited your site... and it doesn't seem so interested to me. There is only one thing i could say... NO ONE CAN PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN !! whoever that is in this battle will definitely and powerfully stands with his/her own craft with a pride ;) do you think it's you? or the highly respected Ms Aisha? ;)

Psychic Dena said...

Either you are Aisha or you are a very stupid person. What sane person would refer her as "he highly respected Ms Aisha". No one respects her as she doesn't help her clients.

felicityginger said...

I stumbled upon this blog tonight whilst doing a search on google fot "Aisha Haadi". I was one of her customers back in 2003 and continued to use her service right up until 2005! I should have learnt my lesson after the 2nd time but being as naive as I was, I continued to use Aishas "service" for over 2 years or more. I first ordered the PRC from her in Sept 2003, she said she could help me, that she would be "there for me" and get me all the results I desired, this I believed. By sept 25th 2003, I saw some things that I actually thought were results from her spell, in fact still to this day I do believe that 'something' made certain things happen which made me believe to some extent that Aishas spell work was genuine, these results I wish not to discuss. She warned me in the instructions that if I were to discuss my spell with anyone "including her", the ritual will be broken and then this is when I started to have my doubts! I DID tell a couple of people about Aisha but to my surprise my so-called "results" that I saw previously, continued going, this is when I started to wonder whether or not it was from the work of Ms Aisha, or was mearly co-incidence and I just got lucky. I would also like to point out, that in her instructions she does state clearly that no clients are to discuss their spell work with ANYONE, this again "including her". Now on her website there is a disclaimer (or atleast was), for ANY clients who may be under the age of 18, it said quite clearly that they are to get the consent of a parent/guardien before Aisha will allow any work to be done on your behalf- well, tell me this, IF you cannot discuss the spell with anyone, HOW are you going to explain to a parent (if you being under 18) that you wish to purchase a "love spell" off a "witch" whom you stumbled across on the internet and you would like them to consent to it? that was something I always questioned, even before buying the first spell from Aisha. Ok, so my "results" (if being from her PRC) did not last long, so I decided to buy another one, that however did not work and I too was offered a re-enforcement spell "free of charge"- I saw NO results, so stupidly enough, I got another one, again, same thing happened and I saw NOTHING... I think I must have spent over £1000 on her website, buying spells that never worked. Again, I should have learned my lesson the first time round, but I did actually believe that results were happening for me. I am in no way sticking up for Ms Aisha because I do not know whether she be genuine or not, but one thing that I can say that does actually back up other stories from her guest book, is that I, along with a few others, had the same dream about Aisha the day we received her "talisman", again, whether this be due to her spells I do not know, it could be down to the fact that we all wanted her spells to work so much that we actually had dreams about her due to it playing on her mind, but in these dreams that we all experienced, Ms Aisha said the same thing to us all. (Check her guestbook to read the entries regarding the dreams) HOWEVER, I am not posting this comment to stick up for Aisha, I am simply adding to the fact that I felt I was ripped off, too. In my first set of instructions, she was very nice, and the first couple spells both had the same letter with it, the same instructions and the same talisman, but then the instructions changed, as did her attitude and her talisman. The last couple of spells came with instructions that stated that "bad things" will happenn to me if I tell anyone about the ritual, and that bad karma will be upon me for as long as I shall live, that my name will be dirt, these were close to being the exact words in her letter (I would be more than happy to scan the letter) I found this to be a threat and it scared me to a point where I shed tears over it and worried for days on end that something bad was going to happen to me. Not only did her letters changed, but the talisman did too. Where once it was material and smelt of candles, it had turned to something that was wood and came with an egyptian symbol- the first talisman was belivable, the ones that followed looked like something out of a gum ball machine. Anyway, I wish this comment to not turn into a formal letter, I simply wanted to add my 2 cents about Ms Aisha, as I had been a customer for 2 years and purchased numerous spells that I feel did not work. (With the exeption of a few things)

mattmh said...

I am one of Aisha's scammed clients. This person needs to be removed quickly before someone is found dead because of the lies that are spouted from the website. The earth is promised but they never reply to emails, well maybe the ones involving you spending word money. There are plenty of good and bad people on the web you need to work hard to find someone, hopefully I've now found someone i will happily tell all when it works. As for Aisha don't give money or even time to this evil disgusting human being praying on the needy.

Sally said...

I am very happy for your help exposing this fake Dena. Also I took your advice regarding the spell caster to use and all has gone perfectly! You are No1!!!

MuffDiver said...

I spent $113 on a love spell by Aishah
some years ago, and ..... no results.

Same with a few other online spellcasters
over the years. I've lost quite a bit of money.

I'm thinking of hiring another due to
current problems with my brother, but
don't have much confidence after the
above bad experiences.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was also scammed by her It cost me thousands and her hideous daughter Miriam had the hide to call me a 'moron and look at all my mother has done for you' What? what did she do ? nothing manifested hahahaha.
I just found something very interesting it would be worth checking out.
I saw a site called www.thepermanentcom
The spellcater is Maria... check out her guarantee and check out Aishas guarantee. They are identical !! Has Maria copied Aishas or is this another of Aishas scam sites?? I wonder... be alerted.
Thanks for these sites that reveal these scammers.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me a real person to spell caster to go to for help? I mean seriously no gimmicks!! What about the site ? Has anyone ever used them or anyone else that would work? Im located in VA so maybe there is a person I can meet face to face. Any input would be appreciated.

Sara said...

You are simply an angel Ms.Dena. I was about to use Aisha but your article about her scams not only saved me money but more pain. I will contact you regarding your opinions. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Um...I found your website about that Aisha lady who supposedly casts spells for you. I also got ripped off I messed up on one spell she casted for me so I contacted her and she told me to buy another one, which like a hopeless idiot I did...After that one didn't work I went on and found another spell caster he called himself Kofi Ashanti. He seemed legit because he had a phone number to call and he read bones. So I gave him money and again the spell didn't work. I emailed him a few time and he always responded, but one time he responded signing Aisha's when I confronted "him" about this he said his daughter's name was Aisha...which at that point i knew was completely bullshit. I don't know why I'm telling you, but I feel that I should after reading your website...I was always afraid to tell anyone because kofi and aisha told me that if I told anyone the spells would reverse and all the negativity will come upon me, and I was going though a really really really bad time them. You're the first and only person I've told this too.